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13 Novembre 2005 1 commento

Sketch for a t-shirt illustration

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ancora acchiappadraghi

12 Novembre 2005 Commenti chiusi

studio avanzato per un’illustrazione degli Acchiappadraghi

dragons’s catchers: advanced study for an illo

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10 Novembre 2005 Commenti chiusi

a refused sketch for the dragons’s catchers novels: too much horror for the my publisher …
un bozzetto per la serie degli Acchiappadraghi, rifiutato perchè troppo horror…

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9 Novembre 2005 Commenti chiusi

final illustration for the dragons’s catchers novels.
You can see the preliminar sketch at this adress:

illustrazione per la serie degli Acchiappadraghi ( piemme).
l bozzetto si può vedere a questo indirizzo

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Night(of the reason)

7 Novembre 2005 3 commenti

my entry for Friday’s illustration.
This is a recycle; I’ve made this illo for an Andersen’s novel about a ferocious little viking and a catholic priest who had converted her after she killed him …a splatter novel who rememberd me a Theodore Rousseau painting about war…
army and religion : a dangerous couple….

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6 Novembre 2005 1 commento

some other sketches for the teenager story. A lesson i’ve learned after a lot of error: never begin the illos of a story without a good study of the carachters…

una lezione appresa dopo una serie di errori: mai iniziare le illustrazioni di una storia senza un adeguato studio dei personaggi…

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4 Novembre 2005 Commenti chiusi

some sketches for a teenager story.
I’m trying to smooth my style and to insert more atmosferic element in my illo…i rather satisfied of the result.

pastel and photoshop

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