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31 Ottobre 2005 7 commenti

my entry for illustration friday

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mucca mouse

31 Ottobre 2005 1 commento

ecco qua la mia mucchina

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cow parade a Firenze

30 Ottobre 2005 Commenti chiusi

Da qualche giorno sotto il loggiato degli innocenti in Piazza della santissima Annunziata a Firenze pascolano delle coloratissime mucchine : una sezione speciale della cowparade che quest’anno si è fermata a Firenze.
La mia mucchina si chiama Mucca Mouse. Indovinate qual’è…

One of the objectives of Cow Parade Florence 2005 is to raise funds for the Meyer Children?s Hospital in Florence. This year for the first time there will also be a Baby Cow Parade, an international event dedicated to children. Ten mini cows have been decorated by artists and illustrators
Now the baby cow are resting under the porticos of the Innocenti Hospital.
I’ve made one of them . The Mick-Cow Mouse. Can you recognize her in the photo?

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faces 2

29 Ottobre 2005 Commenti chiusi

thanks to Josè ( ,I’m coming back with some other faces. Between them there’s the one of the italian chief of left/center coalition, a nice guy called Prodi.Go ahead Prodi!!!!

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27 Ottobre 2005 3 commenti
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a finished illo for the dragons’s catchers series

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25 Ottobre 2005 2 commenti

Kamikazen is the name of of a legendary typhoon said to have saved Japan from a mongol invasion.
Recent historical researches have discovered that the 5000 mongol’s ships were built in too much hurry so they crashed more for their structural problems than for the typhoon .Too much greed for Kublai Khan.
our italian Prime Minister has the same problem.

I’ve written a short children story about the Kublay’s fleet for Unicef Italia and this is the illustration

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L’autunno di frankenstein

24 Ottobre 2005 3 commenti

The autumn of frankenstein

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23 Ottobre 2005 7 commenti

My mystic entry for Illustration Friday

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il fantasma del cavaliere( no..non quel Cavaliere, purtroppo)

22 Ottobre 2005 3 commenti

another sketch for the Dragon catchers novels
I make little preliminar sketches ( 12* 8 centimeter) because in this way it’s easier to balance form, prospective and shadows.
If all this element works in a little size, after you can enlarge the illustration at whatever size you want.
This is a good way to semplify forms, too, avoiding useful lines

schetches per una illustrazione degli Acchiappadraghi (Piemme)
I primi schizzi li realizzo in scala piccola ( 12*8 cm): in questo modo è più semplice bilanciare masse prospettiva e ombre. Se la composizione funziona in scala piccola poi si può portare a qualsiasi scala. Buon metodo anche per semplificare le forme e evitare linee inutili.

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